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Care Quality commission inspection

Our Care Quality Commission (CQC) Inspection took place in Nov 2012, meeting all Government standards. Their Summary of the inspection:


'We told the provider (who is also the dentist) forty-eight hours before our visit that we were coming. During our visit, we spoke with the dentist, four dental nurses and five people using the service. All of the five people we spoke with very complimentary about the service they had received. One person told us “I have been to many dentists before, and I speak as I find, I could not wish for better treatment than what I have had here ’’. Another person told us “Staff are very supportive and the dentist is lovely, they have always explained every thing to me’’.


Treatment options were explained to people and they had time to consider their options. This meant a full discussion took place and people were given the information they needed to be able to make an informed decision about their treatment. The provider had effective infection control procedures. This meant the risk of infection for people using the service was minimised.


Staff received a range of training so that they had up to date knowledge and skills in order to treat people safely when they attended the practice. There were systems in place to monitor how the practice was run to ensure people received a quality service. This meant people using the service were asked their views about the service so the provider could use the information to improve.


A full report of the inspection is available on the Care Quality Commission Website:

Latest Corona update


Dear Patient:


We hope this letter finds you and your family in good health.


You may have heard that dental practices can open to routine care from Monday 8 June. All routine check-ups and treatments are cancelled till September 2020.


Our practice will be opening on 8/6/20 but we just wanted to be clear that this may not be business as usual. The treatments you are offered may be different to those you received before, depending on the equipment available. It will take some time before services return to what you previously experienced as normal. Please be patient.


Our community has been through a lot over the last few months, and all of us are looking forward to resuming our normal habits and routines. While many things have changed, one thing has remained the same: our commitment to your safety.


Infection control has always been a top priority for our practice and you may have seen this during your visits to our surgery. Our infection control processes are made so that when you receive care, it’s both safe and comfortable. We want to tell you about the infection control procedures we follow in our practice to keep patients and staff safe.


Our practice follows infection control guidelines made by the governing bodies. We are up-to-date on new guidance that has been issued. We do this to make sure that our infection control procedures are current and adhere to recommendations.


You may see some changes when it is time for your next appointment. We made these changes to help protect our patients and staff. For example:


·      Our practice will communicate with you beforehand to ask some screening questions. You’ll be asked those same questions again at your appointment

·      We have hand sanitiser that we will ask you to use when you enter the practice. You will also find some in the reception area and other places in the practice for you to use as needed.

·      We no longer offer magazines, children’s toys and so forth, since those items are difficult to clean and disinfect

·      Appointments will be managed to allow for social distancing between patients. That might mean that you’re offered fewer options for scheduling your appointment.


We will do our best to allow greater time between patients to reduce waiting times for you, as well as to reduce the number of patients in the reception area at any one time.


How you can help:


                 With the exception of children and patients with carers, patients should come alone

                 A distance of at least 2 metres mush be observed if another patient is present in the dental practice

                 Payment should be made by card where possible

                 Staff will not shake your hand

                 If you show symptoms following appointment booking, you should contact the practice by phone

                 Please do not arrive early to the practice. If necessary, you should wait outside the practice

                 Please do not arrive without an appointment

                 Patients should come wearing a mask if possible or be prepared to wear one.



Sandon dental Practice


















Cold Sores.

Posted On: May 2020

Why we sometimes have to say ‘no’ to treating you.

Cold sores (or the herpes simplex virus) are common for many people in the UK. Like all viruses, they are contagious and pose a risk to others.

The herpes simplex virus is spread through contact, directly with saliva or through the aerosolization of it. This is where particles of saliva are made small enough to be carried through the air and contact objects surrounding it, which means, it would pose a high risk of contamination to our team whilst you are being treated.

Cold sores usually emerge as a small ulcer like patch on the lip line, they can come up in a matter of hours and usually take between seven days and four weeks to heal fully, depending on the severity. From the time they begin to emerge to the point at which they are fully healed, they pose a risk.

Dental treatment should be postponed if you have active lesions as aerosolization of the virus may occur during dental procedures, placing both yourself and the dental team at risk for possible infection or re-infection. Once the lesion is fully healed, treatment can be carried out.

If you do attend for your appointment, our team may unfortunately have to refuse you treatment due to the contamination risk. We apologise for any inconvenience caused by this.

If you notice a cold sore, call our reception team and they can advise you on what the best option is.






























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